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Gold Leaf Group Healthcare Real Estate | Helping Southern California’s Dentists and Physicians achieve their goals since 2005


The process of securing appropriate space for your new dental or medical practice can be time consuming and confusing. Juggling your time between seeing patients and touring properties can be difficult, and once you’ve identified the perfect space, then what? What is a Triple-Net Lease? What Landlord concessions can be requested? How much free rent can be expected?

At Gold Leaf Group Healthcare Real Estate Advisory, we have the expertise in the retail and office sectors of commercial real estate to help you navigate through the process. Having worked with countless Southern California dentists and physicians in establishing their first practice or additional office, we know how to identify and navigate the issues that will most affect your transaction.


When securing an appropriate space for your practice, it is crucial to identify the your goals, values and priorities. We learn what drives your business model, preferences and goals. Do you want to retain a current patient base? Are you interested in visibility? Do you require proximity to referring doctors? Understanding these issues, we can

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Identifying a space that fits your needs is the first step in the right direction. Once we’ve found your dream space, what’s next? How do we convince the Landlord that you practice would be a good tenant? Can we reduce triple net charges? What ARE triple net charges? Will the Landlord contribute to the build-out

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Commercial property ownership has numerous benefits – pride of ownership, the flexibility to expand in the future, and most importantly, equity growth potential. Some doctors may be in a position to purchase a building for their practice. However, the process of purchasing and owning a commercial building can have its own set of challenges. In

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best in the industry


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  • He has been engaged throughout every step of the process from helping to locate properties while pointing out the pros and cons to each location, to negotiating on my behalf and ensuring I am protected and never taken advantage of.

    Andres Martinez | Pediatric Dentist, Brea, California; Real Estate Acquisition

  • From the moment I called him and explained what I was looking for until the lease was signed, RJ made the time to walk me through every step and made it a seamless process. RJ genuinely cares about his clients and he managed to turn something stressful into a positive experience.

    Esther Feldman DMD | MSc

  • I can seriously write a book on how valuable RJ was in the start-up of my office. I am grateful that I met him at the start of my journey!

    Dr. Millie Chung, DDS | General Dentist, Birdseye Dentistry, Hollywood California

  • As we walked through the process together, I truly felt that RJ was not just my real estate broker, but a close friend who has my interests in mind. I have an continue to refer all of my friends and colleagues in the dental field to RJ Przebinda from the Gold Leaf Group, as there is no one else I would trust more.

    Daniel Klein DDS | Pediatric Dentist, Los Angeles, California

  • His diligence and experience in the dental and medical arena greatly decreases the obstacles that I face in the lease review stage

    Levi Barlavi | Esq. Pacific Health Law Group, PC


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