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  • RJ Przebinda and I first met at a CDA sponsored event. While speaking with RJ, his understanding of commercial lease negotiation and commercial real estate was very evident. Over the last few years RJ has helped me locate commercial property both for purchase and for lease. He has been engaged throughout every step of the process from helping to locate properties while pointing out the pros and cons to each location, to negotiating on my behalf and ensuring I am protected and never taken advantage of. He has been easily accessible and always available. I would highly recommend RJ to any dentist that is looking to lease space or acquire their own real estate for their practice.

    Andres Martinez
    Pediatric Dentist, Brea, California; Real Estate Acquisition

  • Working with RJ Przebinda from Gold Leaf Group Healthcare Real Estate was a pleasure from start to finish. From the moment I called him and explained what I was looking for until the lease was signed, RJ made the time to walk me through every step and made it a seamless process. RJ genuinely cares about his clients and he managed to turn something stressful into a positive experience. He found me the perfect space in the exact location I had requested. I thought it was too good to be true! He also set the wheels in motion in a very timely manner so that I could be up and running quickly. It was also great to have RJ recommend his network of professionals to help with the next steps in the process. He's approachable and a team player. I'd recommend RJ to all of colleagues!

    Esther Feldman DMD

  • RJ Przebinda of Gold Leaf Group Healthcare Real Estate is the first person I think of when I look back to the start of building my practice. RJ’s character and invaluable expertise gave me the immediate confidence I needed to begin transforming my vision into tangible space. He thoroughly assessed every space with me and made sure that I was fully informed of the pros and cons of each space. Not once did I feel rushed into a decision. He truly wanted to make sure that I was completely comfortable with any decision I made. RJ had my best interest as his priority and this makes him exceptional. It has been three years since, and he still remains available to any questions I have regarding my lease! I can seriously write a book on how valuable RJ was in the start-up of my office. I am grateful that I met him at the start of my journey!

    Dr. Millie Chung, DDS
    General Dentist, Birdseye Dentistry, Hollywood California

  • I was introduced to RJ through a friend about 4 years ago. I was interested in opening my own practice but I was not quite ready. RJ still took the time to answer all of my questions and make sure that I understood all of the things that I should be looking for in an office space. As a young professional, RJ enlightened me on what a successful dental office needs to look like. He traveled with me to many different locations and helped me to see all the pros and cons of each property. When the time came to submit an LOI for the perfect space, RJ made it so easy. Despite the back and forth with a difficult landlord, RJ helped them understand my investment in the property and my needs and helped me negotiate a lease that I was extremely happy to sign.As we walked through the process together, I truly felt that RJ was not just my real estate broker, but a close friend who has my interests in mind. I have an continue to refer all of my friends and colleagues in the dental field to RJ Przebinda from the Gold Leaf Group, as there is no one else I would trust more.

    Daniel Klein DDS
    Pediatric Dentist, Los Angeles, California

  • My law practice is focused on assisting healthcare providers, mostly dentists, with their business transactions. Many of these transactions include dental practice startups where I've been retained to assist dentists with their lease review. I've had the pleasure of working with RJ Przebinda of The Gold Leaf Group on many of these start ups. I've been in the trenches with him and have witnessed him help my clients determine the best location to meet their goals, find that location, and steadfastly negotiate the best deal for them. I've appreciated RJ's knowledge and experience in this niche space, consistently negotiating critical business points that an most real estate brokers would not have the foresight to address. His diligence and experience in the dental and medical arena greatly decreases the obstacles that I face in the lease review stage . More importantly my clients have appreciated the hard work and service RJ brings to a critical point in their career.

    Levi Barlavi
    Esq. Pacific Health Law Group, PC

  • Because he works hard, pays meticulous attention to detail, and know the market, RJ's negotiation abilities and real estate acumen surpass expectation. Like with all things, new business owners or seasoned owner expanding into new real estate don't know what they don't know. RJ minds the blind side for so many pitfalls I would never have seen coming until the lease was complete.

    Cristian A. Sierra DMD
    SanLuis Obispo

  • "Gold Leaf Group and RJ Przebinda came highly recommended from multiple contacts in the dental field and RJ has certainly lived up to his stellar reputation. He has a complete understanding on what makes a location an ideal location for opening up a dental office.

    "RJ worked extremely well with all members of my team (Bank of America, Don Ray Construction, Ben Oliver from Patterson, and my attorney, Levi Barlavi) from start to end and was extremely knowledgeable and effective in negotiating lease terms. He is respectful, courteous and a delight to work with.

    "I honestly think RJ is the best in the business and he is a great person. I am so grateful that I found him early on in the process and to this day, I am still getting compliments on the location of my office! Thank you RJ for all of your support, encouragement and advice to help me start out on the right foot!"

    Dr. Jaclyn Bae, DDS
    Sunshine Pediatric Dentistry, Yorba Linda, California

  • I retained Mr. RJ Przebinda as an expert witness for a business litigation matter involving a contested dental lease. RJ came recommended by a colleague due to his experience in the field of real estate for the dental and medical community. I can recommend RJ without hesitation. He is a preeminent authority on the dental premises leasing business. He did his homework of analyzing real estate market conditions in the market in question as well as the dental space in question. He, wrote a detailed and persuasive report, and testified in a calm, deliberate manner. My client received a larger award than we had even anticipated, thanks in large part to RJ's work.

    Mark Coffin
    Attorney at Law Santa Barbara, California

  • My wife and I were introduced to RJ Przebinda of the Gold Leaf Group through a Henry Schein Dental representative (Al Galvis) and worked with him for about 6 months. We were not sure who to work with since it was our first office that was built from scratch. However, after initial meeting, we knew RJ was the one. We had many meetings for the evaluation of multiple locations of the office, many hours in CDA, several visits to different areas around Los Angeles, CA, and, most importantly, negotiating with a non-traditional, difficult landlord. He was there when we needed him. He not only collaborated well with Bank of America (my Lender) and with my lawyer, but also allowed me to get the most out of my practice, especially when my wife and I were both busy working in our associate positions at the other offices. Our transaction went smooth due to RJ’s professionalism and knowledge. He was always ready to hear and discuss our opinions, and was ready to help with any issues we had. The best thing about RJ is that he provide me with all the options and information I needed to make a decision, and let me make my decision at my pace. He also gives his true opinions and wishes the best for the people as well. We feel very lucky to have RJ as our team, and wish to work with him again in the future.

    Dr. Hyunbae & Eunmee Cho, DDS
    Pacific Kids Dental, Huntington Park, CA

  • On any transaction, it is critical for the client that the seats at his/her table to get a project done be filled with the right individuals who will guide the project to completion. RJ is definitely someone you want to have a seat at your table. His industry and market knowledge are invaluable, he navigates time sensitive tasks effortlessly and dependably, and is very adept at working with player of all personality types. I would highly recommend his services and I look forward to working with him on many more transactions in the future.

    Brandon W. Ward
    Vice President - Loan Production Officer
    BBVA Compass Bank

  • I knew I wanted to set up my practice in Marina Del Rey. The problem was finding the right space in the area. I had started working with a different realtor, who had been recommended to me by my equipment supplier, but with whom I never quite felt comfortable. It seemed like I was just one more deal that he wanted to close quickly. Therefore, I took a step back on my plans, unsure what to do next.It wasn't long before one of my close friends, who is also a dentist, referred me to RJ Przebinda. After RJ personally met with me, something that the previous realtor never did, I felt that we just clicked and I was ready to move forward again. RJ really made me feel like I was the only person he was working with. He was always available, never rushed me and he researched listings several times. I knew that no matter how long it took; he was committed to finding the right match for me.I have now been in my new office for 6 months and I love my space. I couldn't have found a better location. RJ stood by my side through the whole process from identifying appropriate spaces, to lease negotiations and even through construction. He was always available to lend a hand, even after the deal closed. My experience with Gold Leaf Group was excellent. I would highly recommended RJ Przebinda to my colleagues.Knowledge, reliability, honesty, commitment and a warm, caring personality; what else could I have asked for from my realtor?

    Natalia Homyak, D.D.S.
    Marina Del Rey, California, Four Operatory General Dentistry Office

  • I had worked with numerous Real Estate agents in my search to find the perfect location to begin my new dental practice. While it was very easy to find a reputable and qualified agent, RJ Przebinda from the Gold Leaf Group, was the only one that truly understood the unique needs of a medical or dental office. In fact, he knew more about what to look for than I did.His sage advice proved invaluable during the process. I was initially focused on staying in the Valley, but RJ’s knowledge of the surrounding areas enlightened me to other options. By opening my eyes to alternative regions of Los Angeles, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. RJ was also very hands on during the entire process, so much so, that when I went into labor during the close of our deal, I knew that my practice was in good hands.

    Marilou S. Toquero, D.D.S.
    Aesthetic Smile Dental Center, Lakewood, California, Five Operatory General Dentistry Office

  • I thought I had found the perfect space: it was exactly the size I was looking for, it was in a high traffic strip mall area, and it was still close to my current client base. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that opening my new office did not stop there. Negotiations with a difficult landlord stretched from what usually takes several weeks, to three and a half months. RJ was undaunted. He tenaciously pursued the landlord, stayed on top of the other broker, and kept me fully informed during the entire process. He even stayed on to provide his advice, free of charge, during the construction phase. RJ was not just an advocate for me, but an advocate for the success of my new business. For him, it is not just about closing the deal, but ensuring that his clients’ needs are met to the fullest extent. He definitely goes above and beyond.

    Julio U. Terra, D.D.S.
    Smile The Spa, Long Beach, California, Four Operatory General Dentistry Office

  • I work with Dentists helping them with finance solutions for their dental practices. Two of the biggest challenges I see once we have a doctor approved is locating the right space and the lease negotiations. This can become very frustrating and very challenging for dentists who try to do this on their own. To overcome this all prospective dental practices owners should consult a reputable licensed commercial real estate broker who specializes in dental tenant representation. The benefit is the dentist will be able to identify the right location for their practice and secure a financially safe lease agreement. We have worked with RJ Przebinda and his company the Gold Leaf Group because of knowledge and reputation. The Gold Leaf Group has strong understanding of what is necessary for a dental practice to succeed, viable locations with the greatest potential for success, and they can get the dentist past lease related obstacles.

    Jason Tyson
    Vice President- Regional Manager, Bank of America Practice Solutions, Dental & Medical Division- Southern California

  • It's always good to have a chance to acknowledge and be grateful. I have told RJ many times and this is the opportunity to express it publicly. I met RJ Przebinda before starting my search for a location for my endodontics practice. When I was choosing a location, in that moment, RJ explained all the steps of the process in detail. Then we went through the process on several locations, each time he dedicated the time to address my concerns until it was very clear to me. RJ is frank and trustworthy, he can tell you upfront if he agrees or not, and he works for you as if your office is his own project. He has excellent communication skills, knowledge and experience. We have established not only a professional relationship but a personal friendship. I can say without doubt that his knowledge, confidence and experience, created the most important thing - Trust.

    Dr. Jose Perea
    Endodontics Office, West Los Angeles, California

  • I would and do highly recommend RJ Przebinda of Gold Leaf Group to anyone who is looking for assistance in leasing space to open a dental practice. In fact, I have already recommended two of my close friends to him in the past seven months. I believe in him. He is the only person I would ever go to for dental real estate services. RJ is always accessible and very prompt in his responses. He studies his clients to get a feel for what they like and are looking for. I felt safe having him guide me through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable not only in commercial real estate leasing, but also in many aspects of business.He took the time to show me around. He is very professional and yet has a nice, relaxed person at the same time. I enjoyed his kindness, honesty and his willingness to coach me on just about every aspect of the dental building/leasing world that I did not know about. When I am ready tobuy a building, he will be the person that helps me in my next business endeavor!

    Stacey L. Lowman, D.D.S.
    Seal Beach, California Four Operatory, General Dentistry

  • From the very first meeting I had with RJ Przebinda, I knew he was the right person for the job. His unique understanding of dental professionals’ needs put me at ease immediately. I had been looking for a space for 6 months, at times with other realtors, but with no tangible results prior to finding Gold Leaf Group. My equipment specialist had recommended I speak with RJ, but I was hesitant. As RJ started to search for properties that would suit my practice, he considered all my preferences and his thoroughness was a refreshing change from my previous experience. RJ was able to secure a lease for a former dental office space in a shopping center. Because the space already had plumbing, operatories and most of the applications I required, I was able to save approximately $80,000 in opening my office. RJ made sure that the process moved swiftly. RJ did not hesitate to go the extra mile for me by negotiating the best rate in a highly trafficked, shopping center that not only suits my needs, but also is convenient for my patients.

    Jui-Min Su, D.D.S.,M.S
    Purity & Wellness Dentistry Ontario, California, Five Operatory in Ontario, Prosthodontics

  • RJ Przebinda with the Gold Leaf Group has been an asset in securing a prime location for our dental practice. With his wealth of knowledge and professionalism, he was able to help convince the city to re-allocate space previously designated as retail space (and not useable for medical) to medical space for my dental practice. Furthermore, RJ worked step-by-step with my attorney, equipment provider and design team to negotiate and finalize the lease agreement. It was a pleasure working with RJ. He is hands on with articulate efforts. With his positive diligence, RJ goes above and beyond to achieve our goals. RJ is someone who you want on your team to work on your behalf.

    Dr. Quinn Yu, DDS
    General Dentist, Chino Hills California

  • I was introduced to RJ Przebinda by my dental attorney, Levi Barlavi, a couple years ago. This being my first dental practice, I was really naive and apprehensive. I was unfamiliar with the process and didn't know who to trust. RJ was exactly the person I needed on this journey. He was informative, honest, and reliable. I never felt pressured or uneducated when having to make decisions on potential locations. He spent many hours with me scouting sites and submitting LOI's until we found a property that was a great fit. I am grateful to have had him by my side to work on my behalf for the most ideal terms for my new office lease. I would highly recommend RJ and the Gold Leaf Group team to assist you on your office venture.

    Dr. Brianne Hama, DDS
    Pediatric Dentist, Torrance California