Healthcare professionals seeking to open a new or additional practice can rely on Gold Leaf Group to help secure locations that best fit their needs. Gold Leaf Group focuses on your particular business model, desired patient base and future growth strategy to help you secure the optimal location for your practice.

Despite technological leaps and bounds, nothing can replace a personal, face-to face relationship with a qualified real estate broker experienced in all aspects of dental and medical practice real estate matters. Prior to presenting you with potential sites, we will meet with you personally. Together, we will determine what is most important to you. Once we have an understanding of your needs we will be able to better assist you in the following ways:


When securing an appropriate space for your practice, it is crucial to identify the your goals, values and priorities. We learn what drives your business model, preferences and goals. Do you want to retain a current patient base? Are you interested in visibility? Do you require proximity to referring doctors? Understanding these issues, we can

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Identifying a space that fits your needs is the first step in the right direction. Once we’ve found your dream space, what’s next? How do we convince the Landlord that you practice would be a good tenant? Can we reduce triple net charges? What ARE triple net charges? Will the Landlord contribute to the build-out

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Commercial property ownership has numerous benefits – pride of ownership, the flexibility to expand in the future, and most importantly, equity growth potential. Some doctors may be in a position to purchase a building for their practice. However, the process of purchasing and owning a commercial building can have its own set of challenges. In

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